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In the Medical Cabinet

Dr. Kyriakou performs in his infirmary minor surgical operations that require only local anesthesia.
Full recovery is achieved in cases of ingrown nails, removing moles, head and body cysts, removing lipomas, cutaneous and subcutaneous small tumors, papillomas. The doctor can also treat open or sutured wounds and surgically clean small abscesses.

These minor surgical operations are performed either with lancet or RF Radio Frequency/Diathermy for excellent aesthetic results.

Hospital – Clinics

Dr Gregory Kyriakou operates in the following clinics:

Hygeia Hospital
Medical Center of Maroussi
Medical Center of Psychico
Attiko Hospital
Lefkos Stavros

These Hospitals and Clinics serve most members of Public Insurance Sectors and Private Insurance companies, reducing the final cost for the patient.

The cost of surgery varies depending on the type of surgery, the surgical technique chosen, any special materials used, the hospitalization, the clinic chosen and, of course, the kind of insurance coverage that every patient has.

The Secretary of the Medical Cabinet informs the patients regarding what they should know before the surgery about their insurance coverage, ie whether the insurance is an individual or group contract, if the patient has full coverage or a percentage, if there is an excess fee for the patient, if the insurance covers the doctor fees (surgeon, assistant, anesthetist).

In the case of Private Insurance each patient is best to communicate with their Insurance Consultant for more detailed information and after that with the Secretary for their operation details.

For Public Insurance, the above mentioned clinics have contracts with most of Public Insurance Sectors. In that case most of the cost of surgery and hospitalization is covered, leaving a small excess fee for the patient and the doctor fees.

Ideally, a combination of Public insurance and private insurance will cover the doctor fees as well.

For further information please contact the secretary of the Medical Cabinet and she will guide you accordingly.

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