Most Common Breast Symptoms

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The breasts of every woman are subject to a series of functional and morphological changes, which are obviously related to menstruation, possible pregnancy, breastfeeding, but also menopause. Τhere are many benign breast conditions, as well as malignant ones, and all should be treated seriously and effectively.

The most common symptoms that a woman can detect in her breast are:

  • Mastodynia, unilateral or bilateral breast pain.
  • A palpable finding, a lump in the breast that is usually detected by touch during the examination of the breasts, either by the doctor or by the woman herself.
  • Nipple discharge, white liquid, transparent or bloody that often worries women. It is usually a normal event, but it is possible to accompany some pathological condition.

Other possible conditions are: fibrocystic mastopathy, breast cysts, duct ectasia, fibroadenomas, papillomas, inflammations, sclerosing adenosis, hyperplasia, diffuse papillomatosis, tumors, radial scars etc. In particular, the latter ones can be benign diseases, but with an increased risk of developing breast malignancy.

The first assessment is done by palpation, clinical examination and ultrasound of the breast in the medical office and with special diagnostic tests, such as Ultrasound, ABUS, Digital Mammography, Breast Tomosynthesis, and Magnetic Tomography that can complete the clinical imaging of the breasts and set the final diagnosis.

Dr. Kyriakou can also perform FNA (removal of fluid with a fine needle from the diseased area for cytological examination) and Core biopsy (removal part of a tumor with a coarse needle for histological identification) in his office.

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