Breast cancer risk factors

Although there are several risk factors that may suggest that someone could suffer from breast cancer sometime in their lives, little is known about its causes. When we say that a person is at greater risk of developing cancer, or having a risk factor, it means that you may have a certain “vulnerability” to the disease. However, risk factors do not "predict" whether a woman will develop breast cancer or not. Many people who have indications do not develop the disease and others, without any of the following factors, do actually suffer from Breast cancer.

Breast self examination

Early diagnosis is the only way!


Breast self-examination is a simple routine that can make a significant contribution to the early diagnosis of breast cancer and can actually save women from this disease.

A woman's breast changes during her lifetime. Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal treatments, contraceptives and even small injuries can cause changes to the breast. Shortly before and during your period, the breasts become more firm, while there can be pain or small masses may appear. This is a normal condition and is caused by fluids that accumulate in breasts.


Self examine your breasts every month, so you will know how your breasts are. That way you will be able to notice any changes, if and when they appear. For women before menopause it is best to self-examine 3 or 4 days after their period, when the breasts are “calmed” and any possible swelling due to menstruation is gone. If you have been through menopause, choose a day of the week- the same each month (ie the first week) to self examine.


You should not be afraid to visit your doctor, or even better a Breast specialist. Early diagnosis saves lives!


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